booking terms and conditions


1. Definitions  

In these Terms, the following definitions apply: “Confirmation Letter” means the letter from us confirming your booking and sent by post, email or fax; “Contract” means the contract for the provision of the Services; “you” or “your” means the person named as the lead name on the Confirmation Letter; “we” or “us” or “our” means Altitude Meribel or Meribel Ski Chalets Ltd; “Services” means the provision of fully catered chalet accommodation to include such additional extras as specified in the Confirmation Letter; “these Terms” means the terms and conditions as set out in this document.   

2. Formation of the Contract 

2.1 These Terms and the Confirmation Letter form the basis of the Contract between you and us. Any changes or alterations to these Terms must be agreed in writing between you and us. 

2.2 Once we have accepted you on the course, a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the total cost of the booking will secure your reservation.     See clause 3.4 below for available payment methods. Once we are in receipt of cleared funds, the booking will be confirmed by our Confirmation Letter.   Please let us know immediately if any of the details contained in the Confirmation Letter are incorrect. The Contract is not made until the date of our Confirmation Letter. 

2.3 By making a deposit payment to us, you are deemed to have accepted the Booking Terms and Conditions.

2.4 The contract will be between us and one person travelling.  If there are more than one of you travelling together, we will require details of each guest, and we will have a separate contract and confirmation letter for each guest.

2.5 We reserve the right to not offer you a place on the course, should we feel you are not suitable for the course.  If this is the case, we will fully refund any monies paid by you.

2.6 You must be 18 or over at the start of the course.

3. Payment

3.1 The total cost of the booking will be specified in the Confirmation Letter. 

3.2 Whilst we would not anticipate any pricing errors in the Confirmation Letter, in the event of an obviously incorrect price we reserve the right not to be bound by this and will issue a revised Confirmation Letter showing the correct amount.

3.3 Balance payment is due by September 28th 2018. If you book on the course after this date then the total cost of the course will be due at the time of acceptance onto the course.

3.4 We can offer a flexible monthly payment plan, to help spread the payment.  Please contact us for details.

3.5 We accept payment in pounds sterling or Euros and payment can be made by credit or debit card, by bank transfer to our specified bank account, or by cheque made payable to Meribel Ski Chalets Ltd (for sterling cheques) and Meribel Ski Chalets (for euro cheques) If you wish to pay in Euros, we will confirm the Euro amount at the time of booking.

3.6 If full payment is not received within 10 working days of the due date following one reminder phone call or email to you, we shall have the right to terminate the Contract.  You will lose your reservation and you will forfeit your deposit paid.  

3.7 Where exams have been included in the cost of the course, we will not pay for you to retake the exam should you fail at the first attempt.  We will however help to arrange a re-sit exam for you, if this can be done during your stay with us.

4. Cancellation 

4.1 If you choose to cancel your booking, you must notify us immediately in writing by email or letter. Upon receipt of cancellation, the following charges will apply:

  • More than 10 weeks before departure: 10% deposit

  • Between 4 and 10 weeks before departure: 80% of course cost

  • Less than 4 weeks before departure: 100% of course cost

Please note that depending on the circumstances of your cancellation, you may be able to claim under your insurance policy. 

4.2 Should you decide to curtail your stay with us, due to injury, or any other reason, we will not refund any part of the course.  You should however, be able to claim under your insurance policy, and we will provide appropriate documentation that you require from us for this purpose.

4.3 In the very unlikely event that we have to cancel your booking due to matters within our control, you will be offered a full refund of any monies already paid or a suitable alternative course. This however will be the full extent of our liability to you in such circumstances.

5. Accuracy of Information

5.1 To the best of our knowledge the information contained on our website and in our marketing materials is correct at the time of publication. However, we reserve the right to make changes after publication and cannot be liable for inaccuracies. We will however endeavour to inform you of any material changes at the time you book. Pictures shown on the website and in marketing materials are intended to give an indication only of the general appearance and standard of the accommodation and resort.

5.2 Verbal descriptions, assurances and agreements can seldom be confirmed or amicably clarified in subsequent disputes and for this reason we do not accept liability for them. If you wish to include such items within the Contract you should request them in writing and acceptance will be established only on dispatch of written confirmation by us, separate and additional to the Confirmation Letter.

5.3 We cannot be held responsible for weather, or for forecasts, or for snow conditions.  Should skiing not be possible at certain times of the season due to snow conditions we will not be liable.

5.4 We have no control over resort facilities such as ski lifts and/or ski areas, swimming pools, saunas, ice rinks, bus services, après ski activities etc and we will not be liable if some or all of these are closed due to maintenance/refurbishment, adverse weather conditions, lack of tourists or otherwise. We cannot accept any responsibility should such facilities be withdrawn, curtailed or moved at any time.   

6. Your responsibilities to us

6.1 You will need a valid CRB check to complete the BASI 1 qualification.  Without this, you will not get your qualification, nor will you be able to shadow the ski schools.

6.2 Please specify any special requests you may have (such as particular dietary requirements or special facilities needed) or any other requirements you consider important, at the time of booking.

6.3 We will try and meet any special requests but cannot guarantee to do so. Special requests do not form part of the Contract and we will have no liability if they are not met.

6.4 Please let us know of any pre-existing medical conditions that may affect your ability to complete the course.  We will keep this information strictly confidential.  We cannot offer a refund should your medical condition necessitate non-completion of the course.

6.5 You must have a valid passport for the entire duration of the course, and any necessary visas.  If you are refused entry in to France for any reason, your course fee will not be refunded.

7. Damage and Behaviour 

7.1 We reserve the right to recover the cost (or estimated cost if an actual cost is not yet known) of any loss, damage or breakage of anything belonging to or contained within the chalet caused by you, either before you depart from the chalet, or retrospectively. In order to indemnify ourselves against unwanted or unneeded charges from the chalet owner, we will automatically charge this amount to your payment card, with no obligation to notify you prior to this happening.

7.2 There will be a code of conduct document that you will need to sign prior to the course.  Should your behaviour not comply with this code of conduct we will sit down with you and discuss the actions you need to take to comply.  Should you continue to fail to comply with this code of conduct, or if your behaviour is unsociable, abusive or in any other way unacceptable to ourselves, our staff or any other guest, we reserve the right to terminate the Contract without compensation or further obligation.

7.3 The ski school may have its own conduct of behaviour, such as arriving punctually for lessons.  They may remove you from their lessons if you fail to comply with their conduct of behaviour policy, and we can accept no responsibility for this.  No refunds will be payable by us if any part of the course is unused by you.

7.4 No pets are allowed. 

7.5 Smoking is only permitted on chalet balconies.

7.6 You will obey the rules of the land, and we reserve the right to terminate the Contract should you not do so.

7.7 If you feel you are being treated unfairly, you must contact the Altitude Mission resort management immediately.  If the situation is not resolved satisfactorily, you must put it in writing within 30 days, by post or email.

8. Insurance

8.1 You will be required to take out Carte Neige ski accident insurance.  We strongly recommend that you take out appropriate holiday insurance at the time of booking.

8.2 Financial Failure Insurance Policy provided by International Passenger Protection (IPP):

8.3 In compliance with the UK Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 an insurance policy has been arranged with IPP, to protect customers’ prepayments in the unlikely event of our financial failure.  This policy covers:

  • a refund of such prepayments if customers have not yet travelled, or; making arrangements to enable the course to continue if customers have already travelled; or repatriation of customers. Customers’ prepayments are protected by an FFI policy. 

9. Liability

9.1 We shall have no liability to you for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims for compensation arising from any information or instructions supplied by you which is or are incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate. 

9.2 We will take all reasonable actions and precautions to ensure your safety, but you acknowledge that skiing is an activity that carries a risk of accident or injury.

9.3 We shall not be liable to you for any unforeseeable loss or damages arising from the provision (or non-provision) of the Services, if the delay or failure was due to an act of God, war, terrorism, power failure or any other cause beyond our reasonable control.

9.4 We accept responsibility for any loss or damage to you, that results from our failure to perform.  Our liability will be limited to the cost of the course.

9.5 We cannot accept responsibility for costs incurred by you as a result of your failure to perform (such as the cost of exam re-sits), or as a result of your unsuitability for the course (for example fitness levels).

9.6 For the purposes of all of clause 9, “We” includes our employees, sub-contractors, licensors, and suppliers, who shall therefore have benefit of the limits and exclusions of liability set out in the Clause in the terms of Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

9.7 We cannot accept responsibility for any delays you incur whilst travelling to Meribel. 

9.8 All personal effects belonging to you and any ski equipment hired or belonging to you, are your sole responsibility. We will accept no liability for any loss or damage to such items. 

9.9 Nothing in these Terms affects any liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or for fraudulent misrepresentation, or your statutory rights as a consumer.

10. Complaints Procedure

10.1 Should you have any reason to complain about our performance, or the services we are offering, in the first instant please talk to the on-site management, and we will endeavour to resolve the issue quickly.

10.2 If a problem still persists, please write or email us, at the time, and no later than 30 days after the end of your course.

10.3 If we cannot resolve a dispute reasonably, you can call upon a scheme administered by the United Kingdom’s Chartered Institute of Arbitrators ( 

11. Data Protection

We will only use personal information provided by you for the purpose of providing the Services, or for informing you of the availability of similar services, unless you agree otherwise.  

12. Use of images

12.1 We reserve the right to take photo and video footage of you during the course, and to use this for no other reason than to promote and publicise the course.  Should you not wish to be included in photos or video footage, please let us know in writing before the start of the course. 

12.2 Should you provide us with any photos or video that you have taken on the course, we would only use this to promote and publicise the course, and we will use any images on the understanding that they are royalty-free.

13. General 

13.1 Nothing in this Contract gives any right to any third party to enforce any provision under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise.

13.2 This contract is intended to comply with the Travel Package Regulations 1992, is subject to English Law, and is subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.