mission in the mountains



Altitude Mission is about growing a church, building a community, and being a light on the hill.  It’s a radical opportunity to do something for God, to get closer to God, and to know His will for your life.  And while we’re here, we want to ski, ski some more, and enjoy the stunning beauty of God’s creation.

Anyone who loves skiing, has a heart to serve God in the mountains, and can spare anything from a week to a season.  You may already be a great skier, a snowboarder, or you can be a beginner or non-skier. We just want people to join us in the mountains, ready to serve, get closer to God and have a lot of fun.

We believe God has put us in Meribel for a reason. We want to challenge people’s perceptions of who God is and what church is like. We want to live out our faith by helping where the need is. We want people in Meribel to meet us – whether it be on the slopes, in a bar, on a chairlift – and think “Wow, I didn’t think Christians were like this…” And there’s nothing like worshipping in the mountains!

I had a fantastic week skiing in the Three Valleys, Chalet Altitude just felt like ‘home from home’. Great chance to muck in and get involved or sit back and read a book.