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Please complete the form below to apply for ALTITUDE SEASON MISSION 2019/2020

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Date of Birth
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How do you rate yourself at the following -please be honest. *
How do you rate yourself at the following -please be honest.
I have good social skills
I am patient
I am very flexible
I am good at time management
I am good at working in a team
I am good at working independently
I am interested in the BASI Ski Instructors course *
I am interested in the BASI Snowboard Instructors course *
I agree to bring an in-date EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) and to send a copy of it should my application be accepted. *
I agree to purchase Carre Neige accident insurance at €35 for the season *
I acknowledge that I have read, understood and accepted Altitude Mission Terms and Conditions, and my responsibilities as outlined in these Terms and Conditions. I will abide by Altitude Mission policies and procedures as required. I understand that my full payment is a contribution towards the costs of the programme. I understand the required costs and recognise that the deposit is only returnable if Altitude MIssion is unable to accept me. I understand that Altitude Mission will retain my details in a private and confidential manner and that for the practical purposes of this programme only, Altitude Mission may need to pass on details about myself to partner organisations, my team leader or representatives. We reserve the right to ask participants to leave our programme at any time if we deem it appropriate. *
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